This villa was one of the most fantastic holiday destinations! The location is just perfect!
We wanted a place of luxury with little people (especially tourists) around us and this is exactly what we got!
The villa is located on a little hill that gives you a fantastic view on the sea but only a 3 minute walk away from
the shore. You dont really see any neighbors but if you meet someone on the beach (which is very rare) it will be
one of the residents of nearby villas.  The villa by itself has everything you need. You can tell when the house was

made for the owners to live there themselves and not just to rent out. There is a though behind every item and space.
The beds are comfortable, the rooms are spacious, she showers are perfectly running. The outside areas is great with
a beautiful pool sunbeds and a bar. Our group had a lot of requirments and absolutely everything we needed extra – the
owner got for us! We were 14 people and we didn’t want to share beds, so we asked for 6 extra beds to be put in the rooms.
Also we wanted to sit at a round table (thats important for us) and the owner made us a table espesially for us that fits 14
people! When we needed restaurant recomendation, flowers, special food requests -we got help with it all! We were treated
like family members!  The villa has a fantastic servise. We asked to have meals prepared 3 times a day and the food was
delicious, coordinated with our diet and always prepared with love and care right in from of us. The rooms were cleaned daily
without us even noticing the staff of the villa was super friendly and polite.  Overall we had a great time there!
The place has a fantastic energy to it which is of course created by the people there.
I highly recommend this place to all who value luxurious and conferrable holidays
plus you will get to meet fantastic people!

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Basina Eva, RUSSIA